Ready, Set, GO! Watch As Drag Queens Race In High Heels Down The Streets Of DC [Video]

Ready....Set....Go!! And they're off! Thousands of drag queens sprinting, dashing, toddling, waddling, and some pitter-pattering in full-blown elaborate costumes down 17th Street in Washington DC for the annual 17th Street High Heel Race on October 28, per

Washington Post reports that this racing actually started back in 1986, but the fun of the competition didn't start until last year when Pacers, a local running store, offered to officially time the race.

The race, which takes place every year in the historic gay neighborhood of Dupont Circle, requires participants to wear a minimum of two-inch high heels and run the entire quarter-mile race as reported by America Blog. If you fall; get up, shake it off and get back to running.

The record-breaking time was set last year by William Dennis, aka Inertia Dolce, at 42.89 seconds. The slowest time is 15 minutes.

What started out years ago as a small event has now grown into a huge ordeal. John Arawosis with America Blog states he goes every year and is amazed to see thousands of people showing up at the race, " including mostly quite-amused straight people," he adds.

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