Michelle Smith White Teacher-Student Sex Scandal: This Time There's a Tattoo — And A Husband

Michelle Smith White, a former teacher at Charles E. Jordan High School in Durham, North Carolina, is facing allegations of a teacher-student sex scandal that, if they prove true, are among the weirdest yet in the ongoing epidemic of scandals involving female teachers having sex with students.

A recent Louisiana case made national headlines when two female teachers allegedly had a threesome with a teenage male student.

And in Staten Island, New York, just last week, gym teacher Megan Mahoney was accused of an ongoing sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy that resulted in 30 statutory rape charges against her.

Then earlier this month in Washington D.C., a 24-year-old substitute teacher allegedly got her scandal out of the way early, accused of performing oral sex on a student on her first day on the job — as the student caught the whole sex act on cell phone video.

Those are just a few of the ever-increasing number of cases involving female teachers entrusted with the education of young students who are said to have turned that relationship into some sort of sexual interaction.

But the Michelle Smith White case may be the oddest one yet.

In this case, the 37-year-old White, who had taught dance at Jordan High School since 1997, not only stands accused of "taking indecent liberties" and engaging in a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old female student — White got a tattoo of the girl's face and initials, and brought the teen girl into threesomes with her husband, Philip White, according to the police allegations.

A police warrant in Durham listed framed photos of the Whites with the student in the married couple's bedroom, and a notebook binder that contained handwritten notes from Philip White to the female student.

The investigators also found handwritten notes from Michelle White to the girl, more framed photos of the student in the teachers home, and text messages between Michelle White and the student — whose name has not been made public because she is both underage and an alleged sex crime victim — mentioning "threesomes" and alluding to Philip White's involvement.

They also found a videotape with the girl's name on it, and video recording equipment.

The husband has not been charged in the case, but Michelle White was investigated once before by the school and was suspended in 2012. But the reasons for that suspension are not known. She is said to have begun her relationship with the girl in that year. A police warrant mentions two separate investigations into an "inappropriate" relationship between White and the girl.

The girl's parents had earlier warned Michelle Smith White against contacting their daughter, and after they accused the dance teacher of having sex with the girl, White quit her job in April.