August 24, 2017
Utah Family Found Dead In September Was Apparently Poisoned [Video]

The Utah family found dead in their home in September apparently died of poisoning, according to police. As reported in the Inquisitr, five members of the Strack family were found dead in their Springville, Utah home. The deceased were Benjamin Strack, his wife Kristi Strack, and three of their children. Their bodies were found inside the home's master bedroom by another son, who went to check on them after not hearing from them.

Fox 13 in Salt Lake City reported that police found boxes of cold medications, and cups containing a red liquid in the house. They also found empty bottles of liquid methadone. Methadone is a drug used to help heroin addicts treat their addiction.

CBS Newsdescribed the scene police found inside the Strack home. Benjamin and Kristi were found dead in their bed, with bedding up to their necks. Kristi Strack had a red liquid coming out of her mouth. The bodies of the three children were around them. The report says that some of the bodies appear to have been positioned after they died.

Police say the Utah family's cause of death was poisoning "by ingestion or environmental causes." There was some early speculation that carbon monoxide could have been the culprit, but that theory appears to have been eliminated by the new findings. CBS said that Springville police Lt. Dave Caron would not comment further on the family's cause of death, pending a toxicology report, which is expected in late November.

"Until I get those, I really don't have anything. I could come up with all sorts of theories, but it's not helpful."
CBS says that Kristi Strack was last seen alive by the older son's girlfriend, who lived with the family. She and the older son left the house in the afternoon, and returned around 7 p.m. They knocked on the master bedroom door, and when they got no response, they called Kristi Strack's mother, who, along with a friend, helped them force open the bedroom door. CBS reports that Strack's mother made a comment about not believing that "she" would do that to the children, but would not explain what she meant.

There are not a lot of details about the Utah family. Family members had no comments for media at a vigil for the deceased. Neighbors described the family as quiet, and said they kept to themselves. Friends of the family posted comments on a Facebook page, describing them as "loving and kind." But CBS says that the family had some past legal problems, including charges of misdemeanor forgery, and disorderly conduct.

Was this Utah family that were found dead the victims of some elaborate "hit," or was it a murder-suicide?

[Photo via Strack family/KSTU]