PHOTO GALLERY: Sea Squirts, Sea Spiders Discovered In Australian Waters

Scientists have discovered previously unknown species of carnivorous sea squirts and sea spiders living in deep waters off the Australian coast.

Sea Squirts, Sea Spiders and More

The team, made up of both U.S. and Australian experts, spent a month exploring the area around Tasmania with the goal of finding new forms of life. Their probe went as far down as 13,200 feet below the surface of the sea. In addition to the sea squirts (also known as ascidians) and sea spiders, the scientists found giant sponges, purple-spotted sea anemones, and a host of other unusual marine animals.

Sea Squirt and Sea Spider Pictures

Here are photos from Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) showing the carnivorous sea squirt (ascidian), the sea spider, and other species seen during the mission. Hover your mouse over any image to see its name, and click it to enlarge.

Sea Squirt Ascidian Alpheus pistol shrimp Amphioplus brittlestar Lebbeus shrimp Lissosabinea shrimp Marginaster seastar Ophiacantha brittlestar Ophiomitrella brittlestar Ophiomyxa brittlestar Plesionika shrimp Sea star Trichopeltarion crab