Miss World Pageant Met With Feminist Protest

Venezuela’s Ivian Sarcos, 21, was named Miss World on Sunday and as expected the event was once again met with protests from feminists.

Gathering outside of Earl’s Court in West London the protesters spoke out against the “objectification” of the female body while carrying signs that read:

“We’re not ugly, We’re not beautiful, We’re angry” and “Miss World is the jewel in the crown of rape culture.’’

Guests to the event rushed passed the protesters as they screamed “shamed on you” to anyone entering the $150 per ticket event.

Jo Robinson, a female who led protests against the event 40 years ago told the Hindu Times:

“You’d think after 40 years things would have changed, wouldn’t you? Look what happens—what society expects from young women. There is terrible pressure put on them to look a certain way.”

Event organizers say it’s not just a “bikini content” any longer and that the show has changed with the times. Case in point this years winner is a 21-year-old college graduate with a degree in human resources and an up-and-coming social activist.

In the meantime the show was watched by almost one billion TV viewers around the world.

Do you believe the protesters have a point about the show?