Kimberly Hayden Pug: Vet Removed Pug's Eye Without Owner's Consent

Kimberly Hayden picked up her pug, Chloe, from the vet only to find that her beloved pet was missing an eye.

According to Mail Online, this whole thing started when Hayden brought her 13-year-old dog to the Tyrone Banfield Animal Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, because she noticed that the pup had a "cloudy eye." The doctor diagnosed Chloe, and while removing the eye was an option, Hayden wanted to go with the least invasive (and least expensive) procedure to start.

"A veterinarian diagnosed the issue as an abrasion to the eye and recommended Hayden get the eye removed for $1,400, treat it with a skin graft for $3,000 or drops. Hayden chose the least-painful route for Chloe and the two were sent home with three different eye drops and two oral medications."
While Kimberly Hayden's pug seemed okay with the course of treatment, she needed to be seen for a follow-up appointment with the vet... and this is where things went wrong. Hayden said that she got a call from the vet's office a while later saying that Chloe was doing well after surgery. Her response? "What surgery?"

"I started shaking. I think I stopped breathing for a minute. I was like, 'Excuse me? What are you talking about? She's supposed to be there for a follow up,'" recalled Kimberly. The news was especially shocking because Kimberly says that she filled out paperwork when she dropped Chloe off that said that she needed to be called for any procedure that needed to be done that would cost her over $5.

Still, Kimberly Hayden didn't know that her pug had an eye removed, so she got quite the surprise when she picked the dog up. According to The SpreadIt, Banfield Pet Hospital released a statement and admitted that the dog's owner should have been contacted before a surgical procedure was done on her pet.

Chloe is having a tough time adjusting to having one eye. Kimberly says that the dog bumps into things as she tries to navigate away around the house. Kimberly did say that she is considering filing a lawsuit against the pet hospital. Do you think that she should?

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[Photo courtesy of Bizjournals]