'The Bachelor 2015' Spoilers: Chris Soules Heads To Hometowns

ABC's The Bachelor 2015 with Chris Soules is moving right along, as they have are ready to start filming the hometown dates for the final four ladies. The bachelorettes already got a taste of Chris' life in Iowa, and now he gets to see a bit of their lives with their families. What The Bachelor spoilers from gossip guru Reality Steve have come out regarding these dates?

In many of the past few seasons, Reality Steve's spoilers have dished out details on the final four as the hometown dates are being filmed. This season, however, he's not sharing specific names quite yet. In fact, he's only revealed the scoop on 10 of 25 ladies, though he has spoiled locations throughout filming.

While fans may not have the names of Chris Soules' final four bachelorettes quite yet, Reality Steve's spoilers have broken down a number of other details for filming of episode 8 with the hometown dates. The first date is set to take place Thursday in Shreveport, Louisiana. The next three dates should be happening on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. The rose ceremony should take place on November 6 where Soules will eliminate one lady and choose his final three.

As for the first hometown date in Louisiana, Reality Steve's The Bachelor spoilers via Twitter indicate that Chris and his date may spend some time at the State Fair of Louisiana. If so, there may well end up being some photos posted on social media. So far, it doesn't seem that any of the bachelorettes spoiled so far could be the gal getting this date.

Of Chris' final six who taped episode 7 in Iowa, it seems that Whitney Bischoff is the only named bachelorette who has been confirmed of being there. It's not known if she got a rose, but if a hometown date in Kentucky, where she's from, or Chicago, where she now lives, pops up, that may be a sign she's still on the show.

Reality Steve's spoilers also teased that this gal with the first hometown date has some ties to the Southeastern Conference of college football. Steve makes reference to it being somewhat similar to Josh Murray from Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette, as the Murray family has serious love for and ties to the Georgia Bulldogs. Could this bachelorette have a brother, or perhaps a dad, who has played football for one of the SEC teams? It seems likely, especially since Louisiana State University is part of that conference.

This SEC reference has The Bachelor spoiler sleuthers digging deep looking to uncover the identity of the bachelorette and the connection, but so far nobody has quite figured this one out. Steve also teased that her birthday is Thursday, so it will be interesting to see if spoiler fans can figure out who she is any time soon. More Reality Steve spoilers should be coming out on this one soon.

The other locations for Chris Soules' hometown dates haven't been spoiled quite yet, but it's likely more information will come out and hit social media over the next few days. After the hometowns and rose ceremony, Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Chris and his final three will finally head to someplace out of the United States for the overnight dates, final dates and last rose ceremony. The season 19 premiere is right around the corner and fans are anxious to get started.

ABC's The Bachelor 2015 starring Chris Soules premieres on Monday, January 5 with a 3-hour event that will mix in some live clips with the pre-taped episode.

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