Baby with Diploma Receives Salary in Nigeria

This is corruption at its peak. A one-month old baby was reportedly on the Nigerian government payroll.

The discovery was made as efforts are made to get rid the bureaucracy composed of bloated workforce with ghost employees.

Garba Gajam, justice commissioner for Zamfara State, said:

“In the on-going verification exercise of the payrolls… in the state we discovered that a month-old baby was among the employees of one local government who is paid a salary. What is even more astonishing is that it was indicated in the payroll that the infant holds an ordinary national diploma, revealing that the discovery is a widespread trend in the local government service where senior officials stuff payrolls with the names of their wives and children”

The Zamfara is among the states in Nigeria that has adopted the sharia law which imposes amputation of a wrist for theft.

Just last August, a five-month old baby was also found on the payroll of another local municipality, exposing the corruption that has sickened Africa’s most populous country.

Perpetrators are expected to refund the funds that they stole and face prosecution for misappropriating public funds.

So, don’t be surprised if you see a government official in Nigeria soon with an amputated wrist.