Kid Rock Fan With Down Syndrome Turns 30, Gets Surprise Visit At Party [Video]

A Kid Rock fan with Down Syndrome celebrated his 30th birthday this past week. He had no idea what was about to happen at his party.

Dan McGurk waited patiently at his table in a local restaurant, wearing a black T-shirt with his favorite musician emblazoned on it. He went on about how much he loves the artist born Robert James Ritchie, even singing the chorus of the famous song "Bawitdaba" in his excitement. Someone else at the party came up and sang him "Happy Birthday" in loud and off-tune words, happy to help Dan celebrate and not afraid to look a little crazy.

Birthday boy Dan waited a while as friends and family humored him with promises about his 40th birthday, but what happened in only a few more minutes probably made this party one that Dan McGurk will never forget.

Kid Rock himself showed up, carrying Dan's birthday cake and singing "Happy Birthday" to his stunned fan. On key and friendly, he beamed as Dan blew out his candles and told the crowd, "My wish is that the American Bad A** is here," referring to the hit single off of Robert's 2000 compilation album. Showing a touching level of humility, he knelt at the table to chat with his fan before someone offered him a chair.

Known for his popular mix of rap and rock while looking like a country singer, Robert James Ritchie was the first white rapper to make a successful career and build a growing fan base after one hit. After his smash hit debut, he continued his success with "Cowboy" and "Only God Knows Why." He moved on to focus more on a mix of country and rock, and even performed the anthem which became Mitt Romney's campaign slogan, "Let's Rock."

The musician heard about Dan McGurk's birthday party invitation through friends, and even showed up to the party bearing gifts including a hat with the words "American Bada**" on it, a numbered picture, and a special edition guitar bearing the same words.

Kid Rock certainly went above and beyond expectations to make sure his fan had a birthday party he would never forget.

[Image via The Place 2]