Obama: Voter ID Law Does Not Suppress Minority Vote, Apathy Does [VIDEO]

President Obama admitted that the hotly debated and fought over voter ID law does not suppress the minority vote, but it is apathy that keeps them from voting.

In related reports by the Inquisitr,voter ID Laws have been a divisive political issue and it does not seem to be letting up any time soon.

Obama's admission comes shortly after the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold Texas' voter ID law, reported Examiner.

"Most of these laws are not preventing the overwhelming majority of folks who don't vote from voting. Most people do have an ID. Most people do have a driver's license. Most people can get to the polls. It may not be as convenient; it may be a little more difficult. There may be a few people who are impeded."
Obama's statement comes in direct opposition to the widely taken stance of voter ID opponents. Opponents of voter ID laws have said any such laws unfairly burdened those who didn't already have the types of identification required. The Justice Department, led by Eric Holder whom Obama appointed, even has challenged voter ID laws in multiple lawsuits. Holder has taken the argument that the laws were unfair to minority voters and liberals charged that they were an attempt to suppress black voters, who traditionally support Democrats.

President Obama's admission still doesn't deter his support for overturning voter ID laws. When asked what he thought about such laws his initial response is, "We're going to keep challenging these laws," even though he follows with the caveat that they do not suppress the minority vote.

Obama says the biggest reason preventing Democrats from voting is apathy, they don't go out and vote. According to Obama, Democrats lost the House of Representatives in 2010 "because Democrats didn't vote and Republicans did."

"The bottom line is if less than half our people don't vote then these laws aren't preventing the other half from not voting."
Obama continued that he felt the cause for lack of turnout is because minority voters don't feel their votes matter.
"The reason we don't vote is people have been fed this notion that it doesn't make a difference, but it makes a huge difference."
What do you think of President Obama's admission, despite being in opposition to his party's stance, that voter ID laws do not suppress the minority vote?