Kate Middleton Reportedly Feuding With Queen Over Royal Work Responsibilities

Kate Middleton has been having a really hard time recently as she suffered from an acute case of Hyperemesis gravidarum, better known in laymen’s terms as morning sickness, caused by her second royal pregnancy.

Obviously, due to her condition, Kate was forced to cancel numerous public royal engagements, including her first solo trip to Malta, due to the fact she was weak, feeling rotten and vomiting daily.

It was assumed all along that the palace was sympathetic to Kate Middleton’s condition and understood that she had no choice but to cancel. But a new report in Life & Style magazine claims that the palace are not happy at all, and there is a feud brewing between the Duchess and the Queen.

According to that report, Kate is being bullied by the Queen to attend royal engagements as she’s out of her first trimester now and should be feeling better. In other words, Kate is attending royal engagements against her will, even though she still feels under the weather.

Apparently, because Kate showed her face recently, everyone assumed she was feeling better, but, according to the allegations in the new report, that simply isn’t true.

A source told the publication, “The queen had been unimpressed with the amount of official business Kate has missed out on. She feels enough is enough. Duty comes first, and it was time for Kate to step up the plate.”

Even though Kate Middleton appeared to be “all-smiles” while standing next to her Husband Prince William on October 21 to meet and greet the President of Singapore, she is apparently only just starting to feel better, despite her reported weight loss.

The Inquisitr reported yesterday that the Duchess is a worrying 13 pounds underweight due to her bout of morning sickness. She even collapsed one morning recently and required medical attention, according to a palace staffer.

Thankfully for Kate Middleton, hubby William has her back and is not letting his grandmother bully his wife. “William actually feels like she should have more bed rest. Even if it’s against his grandmother’s wishes,” the source claimed.