Strack Family Death 'Not Natural' Say Authorities: Who Poisoned Them?

Authorities investigating the five deaths of the Strack family in Utah have confirmed that the deaths of the family members was "not natural."

The Strack family was found on September 27th in their Springville, Utah home, and the circumstances in the home were immediately deemed suspicious, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The bodies of the Strack family members were found by an older son and his girlfriend, who also live in the home. The house was quiet when the son and his girlfriend left the home at noon, but when they returned at 7 pm, they noticed that all the cars were still at home. They knocked on the closed and locked master bedroom door, and when no one answered, the son called his grandmother and his mother's friend, and they helped them force the door open.

What they found in the master bedroom was the stuff of nightmares.

Husband and wife, Benjamin (37) and Kristi Stack (36) were in bed. Their children, aged 11 to 14, were lying around them. According to the search warrants, they were all tucked in taut bedding up to their necks. Kristi Strack had a "red liquid" coming out of her mouth, and some of the bodies looked like they had been put into their positions after death, according to investigators.

The Salt Lake Tribune cited documents filed by the police which stated that both Benjamin and Kristi Stack, and their three youngest children, Benson, Emery and Zion, each were found near a cup of colored fluid.

An officer wrote in the search warrant affidavit about the suspicious scene.

"It is probable that these deaths were not accidental or natural in any way."
The search warrant went on to say that it wasn't normal or typical for the children to be in their parents' room because they had their own rooms. It also went on to say that Kristi Stack's mother could not believe that her daughter would have been involved in the death of her children.

After an investigation of the home, authorities removed 14 drinking cups and bottles, a purple bucket containing yellow liquid and a pitcher of red juice. A pair of slippers with a spot of blood and a towel stained with a red substance were also removed from the home.

Police also gathered a bag of marijuana, three cellphones, an iPod, a bag of medication, pill bottles and an empty box of sleep aids as evidence. In the garbage, police found empty methadone bottles, 10 empty boxes of nighttime cold medicine, two boxes of allergy medicine and red liquid in Pepsi cups.

An unnamed police lieutenant stated that the family lived in a duplex, and the residents of the home next door heard nothing out of the ordinary on the day of the deaths. A test of the air in the Strack family home did not find any carbon monoxide.

In 2008, Benjamin and Kristi Strack pled guilty to charges of forgery, theft, identity fraud and unlawful possession of credit cards. Benjamin Strack also pled guilty to drug paraphernalia charges.

No other serious criminal history for the Strack family appears in the Utah court record.

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