Steam forums reportedly hacked

As you may have noticed if you went to check out the Steam forums this morning, Valve has taken down the Steam forums “temporarily” to perform “maintenance”. According to reports from individuals who were browsing the forums before it was taken down, however, the forums being offline may be the result of the Steam forums being hacked.

Before the forums were taken down, several Steam forum users noticed a new category in the Steam forums directing people to a site called “Fkn0wned” (image here). Additionally, many other users reported that their email addresses tied to their Steam accounts were spammed with advertisements for the site.

The group that would appear to be responsible for the hack, Fkn0wned, took down their site in light of the Steam forums breach, and they claim that they weren’t responsible for it.

Valve has yet to make a comment on the potential breach, but for the moment it doesn’t look like any personal data was compromised. Still, it probably wouldn’t hurt to change your Steam account password if you used the same password on the Steam forums, just to be safe.

We’ll let you know when we hear more.

Source: Reddit (via Destructoid)