Sarah Harris Sprawls Out In Bed While Baring Her Buns In A Cheeky Thong: 'Def Didn't Wake Up Like This'

Sarah Harris sprawled out in bed in the latest sultry post that was featured on her Instagram feed and her 2.1 million followers seemed thrilled with the display. Sarah shared the image on January 28, and it's been getting noticed for more reasons than one.

The model posed on top of a bed with white linens. She tagged her location in New Zealand, where most of her recent updates have taken place. While lying on her stomach, she faced her booty toward the camera and looked over her shoulder. She stretched one arm out in front of her, using the opposite to grab her shoulder. She also used the opportunity to show off her nails, which were painted white.

She went scantily clad in an all-black set that fit her curvaceous physique like a glove. The bra clung tightly to her figure, hitting a few inches below her shoulder blades. It had a thin strap connected to two additional straps that trailed along the center of her back. The garment featured a lacy detail around her neck with scalloped fabric around the edges.

She also wore a thong that matched the color and style of her top. The revealing undergarment covered little of her bubbly backside. It boasted thick straps that fit tightly on her waist, while it's high-rise design offered a peek at her shapely thighs.

Sarah's only visible accessory was a diamond ring. She styled her blond hair in a center part, spilling over one side of her head. Because of the way the light hit her silky mane, it was apparent she had highlights.

In her caption, Sarah joked that she definitely "didn't wake up like this," and included two emoji for humor. Below her caption, she added another post that included several hashtags like "fashion photo shoot" to describe the image.

Sarah's latest upload has garnered over 9,000 likes from her loyal fan base and more than 190 left compliments in the comments section. Most fans were quick to applaud the model's curvy figure while a few others struggled to find the right words, opting to comment with emoji instead.

"You are beautiful my love," one follower wrote, adding a series of red hearts to their words.

"Omg u are freaking amazing. Every time I get your post ntoification [sic] I smile," added a second person.

"I don't know, I actually believe you wake up perfect and goddess like!" a third fan chimed in.

"Beautiful Sexy Woman!" praised a fourth admirer, adding five flame emoji to their message.