Kate Middleton Reportedly Collapsed At Palace Recently Due To Morning Sickness Symptoms

Kate Middleton's second pregnancy has been anything but simple so far -- not that her first was that much better for the Duchess, who has reportedly been suffering from an acute case of morning sickness during her first trimester, just like she did when pregnant with Prince George.

According to new reports, mainly in the British tabloid press, Kate's pregnancy has taken more of toll on her than previously thought as she is apparently at least 13 pounds underweight.

Despite some reports suggesting that the Duchess only weighs 91 pounds at the moment, Dr. Daniel Roshan told Life & Style magazine that she weighs around 108 pounds, and at 5-foot-9 that would indeed mean she's considerably underweight.

Sources told the publication about Kate Middleton's current condition.

"Kate's collapse has been hushed up by the palace! It happened one recent morning when she felt dizzy. She'd been up all night vomiting and was weak, but she was trying to go about her morning routine. Despite doctors' orders that she have an aide nearby at all times, she didn't summon help. Kate collapsed -- only to be found on the floor a few moments later by one of her staff."
Apparently, a doctor was called to attend to Kate and when he did, he determined her to be fine even though she was rushed to a private medical facility as a precaution. "A checkup showed Kate was fine and so was the baby," said the source, "But it was a real scare and now William has ordered that she be watched all the time."

A number of reports have suggested that due to the acute morning sickness that Kate Middleton suffered from with both of her pregnancies, there may not be a third royal baby in the future from Kate and William, despite the fact that both of them had said previously that they wanted to have at least three or four children, close in age.