Juan Pablo Galavis Posts Happy Birthday Note To Former 'The Bachelor' Flame, Could They Reunite?

The Bachelor 2014 contestant Juan Pablo Galavis posted a sweet message to Nikki Ferrell for her birthday on social media on Wednesday. Normally this would make fans of the couple swoon. However, given the reports that Juan Pablo and Nikki have split, some wonder about his intentions. Were his posts sincere, is he trying to get her back, or is he just trying to get attention?

Galavis posted a photo of The Bachelor couple on Instagram, and tweeted out a note as well. These birthday wishes come just days after some pointed posts by both on social media that seemingly hinted at a split. Multiple sources and media outlets have since confirmed that Nikki split with Juan Pablo and that the relationship is definitely over. It is also said that they are not talking to one another.

Despite that, Juan Pablo wrote, "Happy BIRTHDAY to one of the women with the BIGGEST and most CARING hearts I have ever MET... Besitos @Nikki_Ferrell."

Nikki hasn't acknowledged her former Bachelor beau's posts, but she has thanked fans for their well wishes and interacted with her bestie Andi Dorfman on Twitter regarding the big day. It seems pretty clear that she's done with Galavis, even if he's seemingly trying to make it appear that they're still on good terms.

If the latest details on The Bachelor break-up are to be believed, Galavis' posts may well be about trying to stay in the public eye or gain sympathy. According to Us Weekly, and just as many suspected, Juan Pablo stayed with Nikki as long as he did in great part to promote himself.

Sources indicate that Galavis and Ferrell stuck together for nearly a year in part to spite their haters, but also so he could promote himself. It seems he thought that the publicity from continuing the relationship could generate career opportunities for him. It would seem, however, that while Juan Pablo was in it for the publicity, Nikki actually wanted the relationship to work.

Other sources for Us indicate that ultimately Juan Pablo and Nikki just didn't want the same things from their relationship or for their futures. Neither was willing to move for the other, and while she apparently wanted to settle down, he didn't. Despite the fact that the two are still appearing in new episodes of Couples Therapy, Nikki seemingly felt it was time to pull the plug.

Given all the supposed drama and hard feelings, it seems doubtful that Nikki Ferrell has much interest in gooey birthday wishes from Juan Pablo Galavis. Whether his message was intended to be sincere or manipulative, The Bachelor fans won't really know, but sources say that Juan Pablo and Nikki are definitely done and will not be reconciling.

[Image via Juan Pablo Galavis' Instagram]