Summer Glau, of 'Serenity,' Files For Order Of Protection Against Incense Stalker Gary Gin

Summer Glau, best known for her role in Serenity, has filed for a protection order against a stalker, says TMZ. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, actress Summer Lyn Glau stated that the obsessed man, who is identified as Gary Gin, is showing up to her door and burning incense on the door steps. The crazed fan is also demanding $1 million dollars for a sequel that he penned to "Serenity."

The stalking doesn't stop there. According to the complaint to the judge, 33-year-old Summer Glau says Gary Gin began stalking her in February. On one occasion when he arrived at their house, he was confronted by her boyfriend. The actress told the judge that the man still refused to leave the property, even after he was confronted by her boyfriend.

Not only has he shown up to her door, burned incense and demanded money for a script, Gary Gin also demanded to talk to Summer Glau in person, since his attempts to communicate with her telepathically had failed. The creepy guy also sent the star a package stuffed with bones, tree branches and feathers, according to TMZ.

The judge found the man's behavior disturbing enough to grant the restraining order against Gary Gin. Summer Glau is expecting a child with her boyfriend, Val Morrison. The San Antonio native is known for her roles in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Lifetime's Deadly Honeymoon and Firefly, according to a previous article in Inquisitr.

Summer Glau joins a long list of celebrities who have been plagued by crazy stalkers, such as Keanu Reeves, Kevin Spacey, and Rihanna. The most notable celebrity stalking case involved actress Rebecca Schaeffer, who was killed at her front door in 1989 by stalker Robert John Bardo.

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