In-N-Out Freak Out: Man Gets Furious, Yells ‘I’m A F**king Christian’ [Video]

Nothing says Christian like dropping an f-bomb right before you tell people how Christ-like you are, right?

An In-N-Out Burger recently had an experience, shown above, with a self-described “f**king Christian” who threw a temper tantrum and started throwing stuff when staff at the restaurant apparently asked him to stop holding a door open for everyone entering the restaurant.

David Ferguson of Raw Story has information on the In-N-Out freak out, and reports that the man was holding a Bible during his entire meltdown.

“In video dated Monday, the man can be seen shouting at the restaurant’s staff. He had apparently been hanging around the restaurant most of the day, holding the door open for customers and carrying a Bible. When a manager asked the man to leave, he exploded in an expletive-laced rant before vandalizing the store’s plastic plant display.”

Ferguson goes onto quote the irate man as saying he could not believe the restaurant staff was “bitching about someone holding a f**king door for people” and he was a “f**king Christian… [who is standing] up for other f**king Christians.”

While it is unclear what caused the man to have an In-N-Out freak out over something as simple as being asked not to hold open the door, it is quite different from the other In-N-Out story we heard earlier this week.

An unidentified man was photographed in an In-N-Out dining alone with a picture of his late wife.

The girl who took the photo, Madina Bashizadah, was quoted by The Inquisitr explaining the photo she took and posted to Twitter of the man eating alone.

“We found out that she was his sweetheart, his wife who passed away 5 years ago. They met at 17 but the war had kept them apart. He had searched for her for 10 years and one day as he was telling his barber the story, the barber calls his daughter in and it ends up being her. They were married instantly and it lasted for 55 years until she passed. He takes her photo everywhere. On one side of the laminated photo it’s him and her sitting on a couch together and on the back it has a photo of him and her side by side when they were young. Goes to show you true love does exist.”

Here’s hoping that the next time the “f**king Christian” comes to In-N-Out, he can find a way to respect other patrons who may just be wanting to have a singular, private moment like the man dining with the picture of his late wife.

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]