October 29, 2014
And The Next Marvel Star Is ... LL Cool J? Rapper-Actor Teases Role In Marvel Film

It could be a big casting leak, or it could be just wishful thinking, but rap legend LL Cool J seems to be teasing a role in a forthcoming Marvel movie. Wait, what?

There's very little to go on in this one besides one cryptic tweet from LL Cool J. Late Tuesday evening, LL tweeted out just one sentence, a sentence that has Marvel watchers buzzing and wondering just what Cool James is talking about.

Of course, with Marvel being as secretive as it is over its films and casting choices, there's no telling what LL Cool J's tweet could be about. As Screen Rant points out, it could be that LL has actually snagged a Marvel movie role, but it could also just be wishful thinking on LL's part.

Then again, with Marvel having shown off a panoply of forthcoming films – part of a wave of superhero films that will see release over the next six years – there's likely more than enough room for LL to fit in somewhere.

LL is no stranger to the big screen, having appeared in more than 20 films since the 1980s. He is perhaps best known for his ongoing role as Special Agent Sam Hanna on NCIS: Los Angeles, but he's had turns in multiple comedies and action films as well.

So what could LL Cool J pop up in? Almost literally anything, it appears. The Marvel Universe is full to bursting with characters, and Marvel has already shown that it has no qualms about bringing big-time or small-time actors in to play popular or unknown characters.

LL could show up in the forthcoming Doctor Strange movie, possibly opposite Benedict Cumberbatch, or Marvel could be saving him for Captain Marvel. He could be part of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, or he could play off Chadwick Boseman in the Black Panther film. Maybe Marvel is saving him for Avengers: Infinity War, or he could even be an Inhuman.

Or maybe LL was just floating the idea, hoping that Marvel's people could call his people and they could work something out. What do you think?

[Lead image via NetSolHost.]