TNA News: TNA Wrestling Said To Have Finalized A New TV Deal

It appears the crisis in TNA Wrestling may be solved. I repeat, the crisis in TNA may be solved. TNA has been in talks with networks about their show Impact Wrestling for months now. They have had an offer or two and conversed with the likes of WGN, which would be a huge place for them to be if they had a deal worked out with them. The problem fans have is, we have been given nothing in regards to where TNA will be in January of 2015 as of yet. They were conversing with Spike TV about re-signing, but the network passed. This meant that TNA had to find other networks to join, and since then, fans have been in the dark.

The problem TNA is facing is that their ratings have fallen, and they have been losing countless wrestlers, both TNA originals and top names in the industry. With ratings down and the lack of big name talent, networks that might be interested would have an issue in bringing them on. Smaller networks might have an interest simply because the TNA name could help them. However, TNA is trying to find a network to help them grow.

While places like VELOCITY have offered a deal to TNA, the money was said to be significantly lower than what Spike was offering them. Obviously, Spike is a bigger network and can pay more, but a bird in the hand, right? TNA's biggest worry was being able to pay talent out of the pocket of the company and not out of the parent company, Panda Energy.

TNA felt that despite the deal offered, they could find a better one.

While we do not yet know who TNA has signed with, we now know that they have signed a new TV deal, and it is expected to be with a bigger network. Word came out on Wednesday that TNA Executive Vice President John Gaburick was in New York supposedly signing a brand new TV deal for TNA Wrestling.

It was reported that TNA booked a few events at The Manhattan Center in New York for this January. They may not be waiting that long and could start to film shows soon and simply have them debut on their new network at the first of the year.

This is a big development for TNA. They went from having no home in January to a brand new place. The issue now is that we do not know where they are going. It is expected that we could hear an announcement within the next few weeks from TNA. Most assume that they will not be going to a big network, however, signing a new deal at all is a big deal for TNA. Kurt Angle is expected to be signing with TNA, and there is a thought that TNA could end up trying to bring in other past TNA stars as well. We will see what happens, however.

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