Bethenny Frankel Says Her Return To 'RHONY' Feels 'Fresh And New'

Bethenny Frankel is returning to The Real Housewives of New York City for the series' upcoming seventh season.

As the Inquisitr reported last week, Frankel announced her return to Bravo on Monday, October 20, following weeks of rumors regarding the possibility. In a new interview, Frankel explained her decision to once again expose her life to the world.

"When I left the show and then the talk show was done, I was kind of really burnt out," Frankel explained during an October 28 interview with Extra TV. "I didn't know if I really wanted to be on television anymore, at least for a while... and I really would like it to be my decision if I stop the train of being in the public eye and being on television. And I think if I didn't do something else soon, that I really thought was good for me, then it wouldn't have been my choice any more."

"It just feels fresh and new, which is kind of representative of where I am in my personal life, which feels fresh and new," she added.

Also during the interview, Frankel discussed the news of her fellow housewife, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, being sentenced to 15 months behind bars.

"Terrible. The one thing I really think about is being away from her daughters for any period of time. I feel for her, because it's time away from her daughters, but they will become stronger as a family. Maybe by it all stopping now and having a real-life lesson, it'll make them stronger, and they'll avoid other heartache later."

Regarding her ongoing divorce from Jason Hoppy, Frankel explained, "I'm still in transition for sure, but coming out on the other side... I'm in a good place."

Nowadays, Frankel is reportedly dating Michael "Mac" Cerussi, although the relationship, which reportedly began early this year, has yet to be confirmed. Frankel did, however, discuss dating.

"It's good, because it doesn't have a tremendous amount of pressure," she said. "I have a daughter. I don't need to get married, and I'm financially secure. So to date is just to date and that could be fun. That is fun."

As for what she's looking for in a man, she revealed, "I like wit, real intelligence, passion, drive... Somebody that I can grow with and learn from."

Bethenny Frankel and the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City will return to Bravo in 2015. According to the Inquisitr, the cast was spotted filming last week in The Hamptons, but Frankel was nowhere in sight.

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