Nigerian Actor Baba Suwe Released From Prison After Pooping 25 Times

Nigerian comic actor Babatunde Omidina, known as Baba Suwe, is now a free man on $3,300 bail. He was initially arrested last October 12 at the Lagos international airport, accused of swallowing narcotics before boarding a flight to Paris.

Since he was suspected of ingesting the drugs, the only way for authorities to prove their claim was to closely watch his bowel movements. After 25 bowel movements over a period of 24 days and without finding any drugs, Omidina was ordered released.

High Court Judge Yetunde Idowu, in releasing Omidina, said:

“I wish you well. Take care of yourself. You are free to go home.”

His lawyer Bamidele Aturu argued:

“There have been several examinations carried out on him and no banned substances have so far been found He has excreted more than 25 times.”

The lawyer also revealed that the comedian may sue Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency over tests conducted without his consent.

Don’t you just pity the authorities who were tasked to observe the bowel movements?