Jill Duggar Birthing Plans Revealed: Derick Dillard To Coach, Midwife To Help At Home

Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard are expecting their first baby next spring and they recently revealed that it’s a baby boy. Jill has done a lot of work training as a midwife and now she’s working on her own birthing plans. What do the 19 Kids & Counting stars plan to do for the “Baby Dilly” birth?

E! Online shared a clip of Jill and Derick talking about the pregnancy and their plans for the baby’s birth. The two were recently in New York City doing a lot of media and it looks like they had a blast. Jill says she’s feeling great now that she’s in her second trimester, though she did deal with a lot of nausea during the earlier weeks.

Jill said she’s feeling much more energized now so the baby preparations have started in earnest. The Dillards are taking Bradley Method birth classes, which prepares them for a “husband-coached childbirth.” Jill says that having Derick able to know what to do when it’s time for the baby to arrive is what she really wants, so it seems the couple is very much on the same page as one another when it comes to their birthing plan.

The 19 Kids & Counting stars plan to have a midwife at their home when the time comes, with Derick coaching. As fans know, Jill Duggar has done a lot of training to become a midwife, which was evident during her bridal shower in the show’s last episode, so she surely has a lot of ideas about how she wants her own child’s birth to go.

Though Jill initially thought she was having a girl, she’s clearly very excited that they are having a boy. She says she can “totally be a boy mama” and she finds the styles for little baby boy stuff to be adorable. The Dillards are open to having a big family, and they say they are open to adoption as well, especially since Derick’s mom was adopted herself.

As People shares, Derick and Jill’s wedding is finally set to air on Tuesday night’s episode of 19 Kids & Counting. The wedding took place in June, and within a matter of a couple of weeks or so, Jill and Derick were expecting their first baby. Luckily anxious fans can rest assured that the pregnancy will be shown during the next season of the show, as Jill revealed during her NYC trip that TLC is filming new episodes already.

Tune in to 19 Kids & Counting on Tuesday, October 28 to see Jill Duggar’s wedding to Derick Dillard. Then, stay tuned for updates on Jill’s pregnancy and Jessa Duggar’s wedding, which is slated to take place November 1, along with a firm return date of the new season featuring the big events.

[Image via TLC]