WWE News: Mick Foley Thinks ‘Sky’s The Limit’ For One WWE Superstar

Last night on Monday Night Raw, the WWE Universe was lucky enough to witness the greatness that is Seth Rollins. Not only did he wrestle a night after destroying his body at Hell in a Cell, he put on a great match and carried John Cena in the process. It was the main event of Raw and thanks to Rollins, it did not disappoint in the slightest. Granted, Kane ruined another amazing match, the ending shouldn’t take away from the match itself.

Not only are his matches outstanding, but also compare his microphone skills from his debut on NXT to now. Clearly, he understood that his promo ability was a weak spot. Rollins is not an idiot as hard work and perseverance is shining through that man’s persona every night.

Being able to work with Dean Ambrose and John Cena helps, but if his talent weren’t there, Rollins wouldn’t be sniffing the main event. For goodness sakes, Rollins is on the poster of Survivor Series, one of the bigger pay-per-views the WWE puts on every year. Mick Foley, who made his outstanding return to WWE last week, talked about Rollins on his Facebook page and praised his work more than ever before.

“ROLLINS WAS REMARKABLE! What an amazing performance by Seth Rollins tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw. While Rollins was often the overlooked member of the SHIELD, he can steal any show onany given night, and following the brutality of the beating he took last night at #HIAC, his ability to come back just one night later with a performance like this is nothing short of remarkable.”

“While many of you were not happy with the conclusion of last night’s Cell match – or tonight’s #CenavsRollins match, it should not in any way take away from the gutsy performances Rollins turned in on both night’s. Handled correctly, the sky is the limit for this guy.”

It is extremely hard to look at Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns and not say that Rollins is above-and-beyond better than him. No, Rollins doesn’t have the model-look, but his wrestling ability and upgraded-promo skills outrank Reigns on so many levels. This may sound crude, but the injury to Reigns gave Rollins a chance to shine. Don’t forget Ambrose as well, since the Reigns-injury gave both men a spot in the main event-scene.

Is there anybody hotter than Ambrose and Rollins right now in professional wrestling? Brock Lesnar will be the top dog until he retires, but that’s because he is a pay-per-view attraction. Rollins and Ambrose are there everyday and the pops or hatred get louder every week. The original plan was to have Reigns win the Royal Rumble and beat Lesnar for the strap.

Right now, that doesn’t look like a good idea. Give the belt to Ambrose and have Rollins cash-in on him immediately after. The WWE does very well with having feuds that define generations. They put together Hogan and Piper, Austin and Rock, as well as Cena and Orton/CM Punk. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will be that feud that defines this next-generation.

[Image via skysports1.com]