Mother And Child Hit At Bus Stop USC: Conditions Upgraded Following Horrible Accident At Bus Stop

A mother and her child were hit while standing by a bus stop near the USC campus on Monday afternoon. The initial report indicated that there were two adults and one child injured in the crash, but it turns out there were two children with their mother at the time of the accident. According to Travelers Today, a 32-year-old woman and her two young children were struck when a Nissan Sentra crashed right into the bus stop.

“Sky5 aerial footage showed the scene following the [bus stop] incident. Car parts and shattered glass were left scattered on the sidewalk beside the bus,” reports Travelers Today.

The mother and one child, 1, hit by the bus stop accident were rushed to USC Medical Center and originally listed in critical condition. Since the accident, their conditions have been upgraded. Now, the mother is listed in stable condition while the little girl is listed in “guarded condition.” The second child — a 3-year-old girl — has been upgraded from serious condition to stable condition. The extent of their injuries is unknown, but it sounds like they are all going to be okay.

According to Jobs & Hire, the driver of the Nissan was not injured. The cause of the accident has not yet been determined, but Los Angeles police Officer Drake Madison told the media that there was an ongoing investigation. It is unknown if any charges will be filed against the driver, who has not been named.

The mother and her children hit by the bus stop near USC have not been identified to the public.

It is unlikely that this crash was intentional, unlike another one that occurred over the weekend. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a woman allegedly drove her car into a building in Florida. It is believed that the woman was angry after being told that she couldn’t donate plasma at a donation center in Jacksonville, so she got in her car and drove it straight through the building.

Nine people were injured in that crash, including the driver. Once the driver is out of the hospital, she will be going to court. She faces one count of aggravated assault and could face more charges in the coming days, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Thankfully no one died in either crash, and police are doing their best to investigate both incidents.

[Photo courtesy of Screen capture via NBC Los Angeles]