Texas Foot Fetish Cop Asks Woman To Hand Him Her Panties Or Let Him Smell Her Feet

Just as you thought the news headlines couldn’t get anymore bizarre, a Harris County cop allegedly pulled a woman over recently and told her she could either give him her panties or let him smell, and possibly lick, her feet, to avoid getting a ticket.

The cop, Patrick Quinn, who is a self-confessed foot fetishist, allegedly pulled the woman over because he said he smelt weed and saw a grinder in her vehicle.

According to the Harris County court documents obtained by The New York Daily News, “The officer told (her) that he would let her go if she would let him smell her feet. If she refused, he would have to take her to jail.”

In a panic, the woman began to remove her boots, even though the officer told her that if he smelt her feet he “was likely to also lick them.” When the woman asked if she needed to remove her socks as well, she was told “yes,” by Officer Quinn.

Apparently, at that point, Quinn said he “would let her go without smelling her feet if she would let him have her underwear.”

The woman then reportedly removed her underwear, but at that point Quinn seemed to have changed his mind and let the woman go.

As a result of the disturbing incident, carried out by a police officer in the line of duty, Quinn has been suspended until further notice from his position, as the matter is investigated.

Due to the fact that authorities fear that Officer Quinn may have abused other innocent motorists they are asking any women who may have come into contact with him to contact the Harris County DA’s Office at (713) 755-5800.

It remains to be seen if there are indeed other women who Quinn pulled over under the guise of a routine traffic stop, but according to Harris County police there is every likelihood that the officer perpetrated other similar acts in the past.