Jaylen Fryberg Invited Victims To Lunch With Text Messages Before Shooting Them

Jaylen Fryberg, the Marysville Pilchuck High School student who shot five of his friends last Friday, invited them to the school cafeteria by sending text messages.

According to a report confirmed by Radar Online, the 15-year old freshman “sent twisted text messages” to each of his victims, asking them to sit down with him inside of the school cafeteria. Based on a statement provided by Ty Trenary, Snohomish County Sheriff, those text messages provided evidence that Jaylen Fryberg planned the shooting in advance and targeted his victims.

“We know that the shooter had arranged to meet with friends at the lunch hour on Friday… It’s our understanding he did so via texting.”

In a video posted by NBC News, Sheriff Trenary also confirms more details about the handgun that was used by the shooter.

“The handgun, a.40 caliber Berretta, was purchased legally, is registered and owned by a family member of the shooter. It’s important to know that that’s all of the information that I am going to share with you today about the handgun. We are still trying to determine exactly how the shooter obtained the weapon prior to Friday’s shooting.”

Seconds before the slaughter, according to Radar Online, it was the.40 caliber Berretta that Jaylen Fryberg “pulled out of his backpack.”

According to a report released by CNN. Jaylen Fryberg “was indeed having trouble reloading” the gun during the shooting “because his hands were trembling.”

NBC News reports that two of the five victims are dead. Zoe Galasso was killed at the scene of the shooting. Gina Soriano, 14, was pronounced dead at the hospital on Sunday evening. At the time of their report, 14-year old Shaylee Chuckulnaskit “was in critical condition” at the Providence Regional Medical Center.

The Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington stated late Monday that 15-year old Andrew Fryberg was “critical in intensive care” while 14-year old Nate Hatch was in “satisfactory” condition. Both Andrew Fryberg and Nate Hatch were cousins of Jaylen Fryberg, according to a statement from Nate’s grandfather released by KOMO News.

“All three of them are cousins, and they live right close to each other.”

CNN reported that Jaylen Fryberg “may have had more victims” if the “bold actions” of first-year teacher Megan Silberberger did not stop him. Marysville Education Association President Randy Davis stated that Megan Silberberger “was in a nearby office when she heard the shots.”

According to Davis, Megan intended to “stop” and “secure” the shooter. One student who witnessed the shooting, Erick Cervantes, credited as being “the real hero.”

[Image Credit: Bloomfield Report]