Camilla Parker-Bowles: What She Regrets Many Years Ago, But ‘It Was The Thing You Did’

No one can argue that Camilla Parker-Bowles has staying power in the press nowadays. She’s popular tabloid fodder for all kinds of magazines reporting on her status as Prince Charles’ wife. When it comes to Duchess Kate and the future of the monarchy, she’s often pegged for starting trouble within the royal family. Her desire to be queen is famously made out in the media to be relentless and obsessive. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Camilla was the one who allegedly started rumors that the Queen has Alzheimer’s.

The latest report out by Mail Online comes from a member of her own family. Her son, Tom Parker-Bowles, opens up about his mother and what she regrets doing when he was just 7-years-old. She says she “will never do it again,” but “it was the thing you did.”

Mr. Parker-Bowles, now 39, recently reminded his mother of what happened when he was his daughter’s age. She just turned seven.

“You sent me away eight months after this,” Tom recalls telling his mother.

He describes Camilla’s reaction as “slightly appalled” and regretting the decision when he was just a little boy. It was “the thing you did” back then, they told him. She and Tom’s father, Lt. Col. Andrew Parker-Bowles, sent him to boarding school.

It’s well-known that many aristocratic and royal family members attend boarding school when they’re young children.

Tom Parker-Bowles attended Eaton and later on, Oxford. He’s now a food critic and has two children. When he describes his mother, he says Camilla Parker-Bowles is a wonderful grandmother.

“She is a brilliant grandmother. I mean, she works incredibly hard. She’d be the first to say that she didn’t really have a job apart from being our mother, which she was very good at, and suddenly age 55 she is working.”

When the scandal broke in 1993 that Camilla was having an affair with Prince Charles, it was a hard time for Mr. Parker-Bowles. He was unable to read all the negative reports about his mother.

“I just felt pissed off. I wasn’t going to read that sort of stuff about my mother, just as much as she wouldn’t want to read it about me or my kids certainly wouldn’t want to read it about me.”

Other stories about Tom Parker-Bowles have been published, many having to do with alleged drug use. The BBC wrote a story back in 1999 about his use of cocaine and what Prince Charles did to help get him straightened out.

[Image via Daily Mail]