CBC Radio Star Fired Over Allegations Of Sexual Violence

Jian Ghomeshi, co-founder and star of the CBC’s wildly popular Q radio show was fired from his position on Sunday over allegations that he attacked and sexually assaulted at least four different women. These allegations arose several months ago when the Star approached the famous host after speaking with three of the women. Ghomeshi has been open about his appetite for BDSM type sexual encounters, à la 50 Shades of Grey, and claims that the encounters in question were all consensual.

The now fired star was placed on indefinite personal leave on Friday afternoon and terminated on Sunday. The CBC announced that it was in possession of information that “precluded” it from continuing to employ the star host of its flagship program. The Canadian Q radio show was created in early 2007 and is now syndicated to over 180 stations in the U.S. Ghomeshi claims to have been open with employers regarding the allegations. He claims he was terminated after showing his employers documentation that support his contention that all of the sexual encounters were consensual.

The three women claim to have been contacted by Ghomeshi via Facebook and initially flattered by him, but his advances quickly turned dark. He allegedly made violent suggestions disguised as harmless fantasies. If they protested or refused to respond to the suggestions, he assuaged the womens’ fears by promising to stay within their comfort levels. The radio star is accused of striking (with open and closed fists), biting, smothering, choking, verbally abusing, and sexually assaulting them without their consent. The forth woman claims that he molested her at work and made frightening advances. Her reports to union representatives and a Q producer fell on virtually deaf ears. The other women made no formal complaints to law enforcement and are keeping their identities secret out of fears of the horrific online backlash suffered by Carla Ciccone. Ciccone wrote an unflattering article about a date with an unnamed celebrity speculated to be the now fired Q host. Ghomeshi’s fans hounded her relentlessly, lobbing threats and attacking her via viral videos in defense of Ghomeshi.

Ghomeshi, through his lawyer, claims that all the encounters were consensual and that these allegations are being drummed up by a spurned ex-girlfriend. It is his contention that she found women who engaged in similar sexual acts and encouraged them to make their encounters out with the celebrity to be non-consensual in order to damage his career.

This is not the first time a celebrity has lost his job over legal allegation. Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice have both suffered professional repercussions over personal legal problems. CBC has fired its star host in absence of a legal investigation. Jian Ghomeshi has filed suit for $50 million against CBC, contending that his employer should not have any sway over the consensual acts he engages in on his own time, no matter how unpalatable they might find them to be.