Phil Robertson Pushing ‘Bibles And Guns’ In Louisiana Campaign Ad

Phil Robertson has upped his campaign efforts for his nephew Zach Dasher by releasing two 15 second spots saying Dasher believes in “bibles and guns.” Zach Dasher is running to unseat Republican Representative Vance McAllister from Louisiana’s Fifth Congressional District, although he continues to be behind in the polls.

Nevertheless, sometimes being successful in politics is all about endorsements and Dasher has a big one, Duck Dynasty‘s Duck Commander, Phil Robertson. He recently made two TV ads for his nephew looking to appeal to the state’s far right voters.

In the ad “Believe,” Robertson says (while holding an AR-15 and a bible), “Hey Louisana, bibles and guns brought us here, and bibles and guns will keep us here; Zach Dasher believes in both.”

In the other spot, “Vetted,” Phil touches on his nephew’s family credentials saying that “he loves his family, he has a servant’s heart, and he knows his bible.”

Robertson and his family was once a friend of McAllister. His support boosted McAllister’s name in the 2013 special election and earned Phil a special seat at the State of the Union as McAllister’s guest after he won.

But that support ended when a video leaked showing the married Representative kissing a married female staffer. Phil Robertson has reminded the state that McAllister’s behavior and job performance has been an outright betrayal. According to the Times-Picayune, he described the way he felt at a Louisiana political event.

“The last dude last year fed us a lie. I don’t even know the dude.”

He added “Two months in he’s messing with some chick,” at a separate fundraiser.

McAllister fought back saying the Phil Robertson is forgetting about forgiveness.

“I am disappointed that Phil is speaking against the words that he writes about, like forgiveness, when we’re all sinners. What Phil and I have in common is we believe in the same Lord, and that’s the God of second chances.”

Now, the Robertson family is united behind their kin, securing $100,000 for the campaign as well as doing speaking engagements and campaign ads.

Still, Dasher faces a difficult six-candidate race and is struggling to gain momentum. According to the News Star, as of mid-September McAllister was leading with 28 percent. Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo, the only Democrat in the race, had 21 percent followed by Ralph Abraham in third with 18 percent. Zach Dasher was down to fourth with 14 percent.

Dasher will have to be in the top candidates on November 4th to secure a spot for the December run-offs, where he could win the representative seat.

Even with Phil Robertson and the family, it might be a long shot.