A Third of One Percenters Agree With Occupy Wall Street

Approximately 0ne third of the 1% agree with the 99%. A new poll of American millionaires shows that 35% of people with investments of $1 million or more agree that the Occupy Wall Street protesters make a “good and valid point.”

The poll, conducted by the Spectrem Group, asked 843 investors if they agreed that “protesters are making a good and valid point.” The Huffington Post notes that a poll conducted by Gallup found similar results. Gallup concluded that 37 percent of Americans support the Occupy Wall Street protests.

The Spectrum Group conducted another survey asking more specific questions. In that study, 40 percent of millionaires said that the Occupy protests were anti-capitalist and anti-free market. 30 percent said that the Occupy Movement is a passing fad and would be over soon. Only 28 percent said that the Occupy protesters would be a factor in the 2012 election.

The Occupy Protests may not be a factor in the 2012 election, but a new tax plan most certainly will. Earlier this year Warren Buffet penned a piece for the New York Times asking President Obama to raise taxes on the rich. According to the Spectrum Group, Buffet’s proposal has the support of most of the American population as well as most millionaires.

Recent polls show that 68% of millionaires support a millionaire tax. Close to 75% of the entire population also supports raising taxes on the rich.

Do you agree with the Occupy Wall Street protesters? Will the Occupy movement influence the 2012 election? Will the millionaire tax become a reality?

[Image Via Shutterstock.com]