Will Dina Manzo Visit Her ‘RHONJ’ Co-Star Teresa Giudice In Jail?

Dina Manzo appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night. During the broadcast, Manzo spoke out about her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star’s recent jail sentence and her ongoing feud with sister Caroline.

On the show, host Andy Cohen asked Manzo if she would visit Teresa Giudice when she turns herself into prison on Jan. 5 to serve a 15-month sentence for fraud. According to an October 27 report by Radar Online, Manzo said she’d do “whatever she wants.”

Giudice and her husband Joe were sentenced earlier this month, following a 39-count indictment in July 2013. While Giudice received 15 months, her husband was sentenced to 41 months, which he will serve at the end of her term. This will allow the couple’s four children to remain in the care of at least one parent throughout their sentences.

“Even when this all first happened, I didn’t run to her house. I think she should be with her family. I just stand back and she’ll let me know when she wants me,” said Manzo.

Although Dina Manzo is allowing the Giudice family to have some space, she said she is in touch with Giudice “more than ever” these days. “She’s strong as hell, and she’s really with her daughters 24-7. She’s taking this very seriously,” Manzo explained.

Cohen then gave his best attempt at getting Manzo to open up about Jacqueline Laurita, with whom she has an ongoing rivalry. “And Jacqueline is…?” he asked. Unfortunately, all Manzo would say was, “My brother’s wife.”

Earlier this month, The Inquisitr reported on the reason behind Dina Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita’s bitterness.

“As ridiculous as this sounds, Dina has been holding a grudge against Jacqueline Laurita since Season 1,” a source revealed to Radar Online, explaining Manzo and Laurita were at odds over who released information on a book written about Danielle Staub.

Another ongoing feud in Manzo’s life is the one between her and her sister, Caroline, who she previously starred alongside on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. On Watch What Happens Live, Manzo spoke briefly about their drama.

“You were more verbal about your family situation at the jersey reunion than I’ve heard you be – ever,” Cohen noted to Manzo, according to a report by The Inquisitr. Replied Manzo, “Because I’ve kept my mouth shut all these years and that didn’t help, so I thought maybe if I talk this will go away.”

When Cohen asked Dina Manzo if she intended to reach out to Caroline and make peace, Manzo said, “Yeah, she’s my sister.”

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