Kurt Sutter, ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Creator, Has Appendix Removed and Posted Online (PIC)

Kurt Sutter, creator of the hit FX series Sons of Anarchy, had his appendix removed on Monday morning.

According to a report released by TMZ, the 50-year old screenwriter and director started “experiencing serious pain” on the set of Sons of Anarchy and “was rushed” to a Los Angeles hospital. A picture of the appendix was then measured and posted on Kurt Sutter’s official Instagram profile.

“So apparently this needed to come out.”

Kurt Sutter
Kurt Sutter has his appendix removed.

The report further states that Kurt Sutter is resting comfortably after a successful operation. The shooting schedule for Sons of Anarchy should not be affected either.

Sons of Anarchy is currently airing episodes from its seventh and final season. The first episode of the season premiered on September 9, 2014.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly earlier this month, Kurt Sutter mentioned that he has gotten very emotional about this being the final season of the hit series.

For example, he was very emotional at the premiere screening of the final season held in Los Angeles in September when he discussed “the brotherly relationship” that he has built over the years with actor Charlie Hunnam. Sutter also was very emotional back in July at San Diego Comic-Con when he talked about “walking through” the set and “seeing that everyone still wants to be there in Season 7.”

However, Sutter also states in the interview that he has gotten emotional when the camera is not pointed at him as well.

“I’m in the mix of it most of the time putting everything together, so I think it hits me at times where I have the opportunity to slow down and take a look at it in the big picture. Most of the time, I’m in it incrementally, so it usually happens in situations like that where you’re sort of hit with it all.”

Once the finale of Sons of Anarchy airs on December 2, according to International Business Times, Kurt Sutter’s plate is already filled with projects that will help take the brand much farther than the television screen — including a novel due in November, a tablet game and a potential prequel series, The First Nine. In his interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kurt Sutter stated that his first big project is the highly-anticipated FX pilot, The Bastard Executioner. His plan is to “actually write the script in November or December” and “go into preproduction sometime in February or March.”

Fortunately, Kurt Sutter’s appendix removal will not hinder his hectic schedule, which will keep him busy straight into 2015.