Kim Jong-Un Leans On Cane, ‘Plays Tea’ At Orphanage

Kim Jong-Un made an appearance today at an orphanage in North Korea. According to AOL, the dictator was photographed visiting the facility, walking with his cane and wearing a smile on his face. Perhaps the most bizarre photo in the bunch was one that showed Kim playing tea with a Hello Kitty tea set.

“The chosen one also plays with blankets, marvels at a ball pit and grins while looking at what appears to be a girl’s nursery. Kim is also shown walking up stairs, folding his arms and even playing a game of tea with a senior party official,” reports AOL.

Kim Jong-un in an orphanage

— CYRISXD (@CyrisXD) October 27, 2014

Kim Jong-Un definitely showed off a “softer side,” which is not something that people are used to seeing. According to Mail Online, Kim’s visit to the Pyongyang Baby Home and Orphanage comes just days after he executed six high-ranking government officials, which is usually the type of thing that he’s in the news for.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Kim did something “nice.” Back in June, he visited a classroom in an orphanage and played with some of the children. In February, he visited another orphanage and was photographed holding a crying baby in his arms. So… he’s a nice guy… sometimes?

Despite disappearing from public view for about 40 days, Kim is back and still appears to be completely in control. According to The Inquisitr, there has not been any mention of Kim’s disappearance, and no one has said a word about why he is using a cane. There had been some leaked information by way of a video that confirmed that Kim was experiencing some “discomfort,” but that is as far as any kind of explanation went.

Kim Jong-Un didn’t seem to be in any kind of pain as he toured the orphanage, however — he was having a great time for himself. His return signifies that whatever he was dealing with has been taken care of. No one expects any sort of follow-up or further sabbatical for Kim, who has looked quite happy lately.

He is way overdue for a play date with Dennis Rodman, however.

[Photo courtesy of AFP/Getty via The Telegraph]