‘The Walking Dead’ Reveals Where Beth Is And Asks Who’s With Daryl

Ever since last season on The Walking Dead, fans have been wondering what happened to Beth after she was taken, but that question is going to be answered in next week’s episode, “Slabtown” as a sneak peek posted by E! Online reveals just that.

Beth has been missing since “Alone” last season, when Daryl saw a car speeding away after he had sent her ahead while he dealt with walkers. He tried to chase after the car, and when he and Carol spotted a car with the same cross on it, they took off after it, this time in their own car. At the end of this week’s Walking Dead episode, Daryl returned, and while he wasn’t alone, no one knows yet who’s with him.

Entertainment Weekly does have several theories about who could be hiding in the bushes behind Daryl, with Carol being the least likely if she is alone, and the reasoning for that is sound.

“The moment was set up too dramatically for it just to be Carl returning as well. To be clear, Carol may be there along with someone else, but for them to leave us on a cliffhanger and it turn out to only be Daryl and Carol would be a major letdown. Someone else has to be back there as well.”

Unless Carol is injured enough that she can’t fight, that explanation makes sense. Beth is also not likely because EW thinks that Daryl would be more excited. Their list also includes Morgan, who was seen in the last scene of the Walking Dead season 5 premiere, someone in the group that is responsible for taking Beth, Aaron from the comics or another character new to the show.

Thanks to the sneak peek from the next new episode, however, at least it is revealed that Beth is being taken care of in a way. She wakes up in what looks like a hospital, IV in her arm, clock ticking away on the wall. After she looks out the window at what the city has become, she bangs on the door and is waiting with her IV in her hand when Dr. Steven Edwards and Officer Dawn Lerner, as they introduce themselves, enter. “Where am I?” Beth asks, but that’s where the newest Walking Dead clip ends. E! poses the question: “Is she in ‘Slabtown’?” It is possible that the name of the episode is the name of that place.

Hypable has also posted a promo for this next Walking Dead offering a further look at where Beth is, while Daryl says in the voiceover that he was with her and she’s “gone.” Beth is going to change out of that hospital gown, and it looks like she arms herself with a scalpel, which may be the best she can do. It also looks like she’s not going to be on Officer Dawn’s good side. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Beth is also going to be in “manhandled” by a male officer.

The Walking Dead season 5 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

[Image via AMC]