Grandmother Lashes Out At Minnesota GOP For Running Political Ads With Picture Of Her Deceased Grandson

The death of 4-year-old Eric Dean exposed several imperfections in Minnesota's Child Protection Services. So, the Minnesota Republican Party decided to shed light on the imperfections of the system and fault the state's current Democratic governor, Mark Dayton. Of course, Eric Dean's death was a prime example of the system's notable failures.

According to the Star Tribune, day-care workers and other witnesses contacted Pope County authorities on 15 different occasions to report suspicions of abuse. On one particular occasion, the little boy, who was three at the time, was dropped off at daycare with bruises and puncture wounds covering his face and ear. His stepmom, Amanda Peltier, reportedly told him to say he fell but he decided to tell the truth. "Mommy did it," he told daycare provider, Colleen Myslicki.

Although his condition was reported, Minnesota's Child Protection Services reportedly did nothing to prevent further abuse. Unfortunately, little Eric Dean died in February of 2013 from injuries he sustained at the hands of his stepmother, reports KSTP.

His death made headlines due to the state's failure to protect him. However, when the Republican Party highlighted Dean's death by placing his picture in an advertisement for political gain, his grandmother, Yvonne Dean, had no reservations about expressing her disdain.

She and her family feel the advertisement is highly "inappropriate." They have no desire for his death to be publicized for political purposes. She has also requested that the advertisement be revised to exclude her deceased grandson's picture. On Thursday, Oct. 23, Republican Party chairman Keith Downey announced that the family's request would be respected.

"Our family's trying to heal, and with this now, it's bringing everything up again and it's just so hard to move on," Dean told the Star Tribune last week. "This type of ad campaign needs to stop.

Although the grandmother is a member of the Republican party, she previously clarified that she does not fault the Democratic governor in office. She made it clear that she is displeased with the manner in which her grandson's picture was used.

"I just can't believe somebody would use (Eric's death) for political gain. I am awestruck that they have done something like this... to use our family's tragedy, is crossing the line. The system failed Eric at the county level … how could that be Governor Dayton's fault?"
The Republican Party also released a brief statement in reference to the controversial ad. "The ad is currently being revised and an edited version will begin airing as soon as possible," the statement read.

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