Disney Villains Star In Clever Parody Of One Republic’s ‘Counting Scars’ Just In Time For Halloween! [Video]

Who doesn’t love a good parody? Especially one that stars the Disney Villains that everyone loves to hate. No, wait. We love them in spite of their evilness.

Just in time for Halloween, nothing will get you in the ‘spirit’ of the holiday more than this parody of One Republic’s song “Counting Stars.” Only, according to Social News Daily, this parody stars Disney Villains who have incredible costumes. And the lyrics have been creatively changed, including the title change to “Counting Scars.”

“Lately I’ve been I’ve been gettin’ sleep, dreaming about how evil I could be!”

This now viral video that has been trending on social networking sites most of the day was uploaded by the popular YouTube channel, “Oh My Disney,” which was created “by Disney lovers, for Disney lovers,” as revealed by Source Fed.

Watch this video, and you’ll find it to be a treat!