Marshawn Lynch Shows Serious Attitude, Took Swing At Photographer

Marshawn Lynch may be known as “Beast Mode” on the field, but it appears as if he’s turned into a bull in a China shop in the locker room. Reports have started surfacing left and right that he will not be with the Seattle Seahawks next year, and it isn’t due to him under-producing. Lynch’s departure is going to be because of his attitude and how he just can’t seem to get along with anyone.

Remember for last year’s Super Bowl when Lynch was said to have a social disorder of some kind and didn’t want to meet with the press at any point? According to TMZ, things have gotten worse, and he’s being so hateful toward fans and the media that he actually threw a punch at a photographer after the Seahawks’ game against the Redskins on October 7.

The incident was said to have taken place in a hotel in Washington D.C., when players like Russell Wilson and coach Pete Carroll were killing time and talking with fans that were standing around. They proceeded to sign autographs and take pictures with fans, but Lynch wasn’t having any of it. He signed nothing. He took no pictures. He wouldn’t even smile or recognize people.

It was then that things turned quite ugly when a photographer for TMZ Sports attempted to talk to Lynch and asked him a question about his car. The Seattle running back wasn’t in the mood for that so he yelled at the photographer and then tried to hit the guy with his luggage before getting on the bus.

Lynch was also said to have gotten on the team bus by himself before heading over to the game to play the Redskins. He got on 30 minutes before anyone else did and just sat there by himself before doing the exact same thing thing after the game was over.

Some teammates have tried to play things off and cover for Lynch by saying that’s just how he is, and Seattle PI even quoted Carroll as saying that “Marshawn needs to be Marshawn, and he’s got his way.”

Carroll has stated that the locker room is said to be perfectly fine, and that there are no problems, but that is proving to be less true all the time. Still, Carroll isn’t letting it show that he’s worried about how the talk will affect his team and he feels as if Lynch is doing just fine.

“He’s been great with the players. He’s interacted all year long. He’s been upbeat and really pointed at performing well in everything that he’s been doing out there with the players. That’s just a sign that he’s just a real pro and knows what he’s doing.”

The Seahawks recently shocked the world with the sudden trade of running back Percy Harvin to the New York Jets, and now it seems like they won’t have either of the key backs they had when the season started. At 4-3, they sure don’t seem like the Super Bowl champions, but there’s still a long way to go in the season.

[Image via The Score]