Teresa Giudice Accused Of Faking It: Constant Fighting Putting ‘RHONJ’ Marriage In Danger?

Teresa Giudice might be faking just how happy she is with her husband, Joe. According to Radar Online, Teresa and Joe just celebrated their wedding anniversary, but despite Teresa posting what looked like a sweet photo of her and Joe at dinner, sources say that they didn’t have the best of nights together.

“There was no exchange of gifts between them, and once they arrived at the restaurant, Joe began drinking heavily. Teresa kept rolling her eyes and posting the photo on social media was of course her idea. She wants the world to think their marriage is rock solid,” shared a source.

Teresa Giudice is reportedly having a very hard time talking Joe into being “Mr. Mom.” According to The Boston Herald, Joe would prefer to sit on the couch than do a craft project with his kids. Since Joe will be solely responsible for his four daughters while their mom is in jail for 15 months, it’s important that Teresa feels somewhat at ease with Joe in charge. While most dads can handle every day life with their kids, four growing girls with crazy schedules can be overwhelming. Instead of helping Teresa out and making her feel like everything is going to be okay while she’s gone, Joe is kind of just his own thing. And “his own thing” involves a lot of drinking.

“Though neither spouse is exactly expressing remorse, Joe ‘acts nonchalant about prison and says silly things like, ‘Nobody’s gonna break me down,’ says the family source. ‘It irks Teresa.’ While she used to get a kick out of that tough-guy routine, she now ‘tells Joe to zip it,’ shares the source. ‘There’s an icy distance.'”

The constant fighting between Teresa Giudice and her husband has understandable strained their marriage. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Joe’s excessive drinking — which has worsened since his father passed away over the summer — has really pushed Teresa to the edge. Many believe that it is only a matter of time before these two end things. Despite how much they may love each other, they are in a very serious situation. How they each handle this situation could make or break them.

“Joe did this for awhile, but in recent months, he just doesn’t even care what Teresa wants. He is beyond pretending that everything is fine behind closed doors.”

Do you think Joe and Teresa are going to make it?

[Photo courtesy of Teresa Giudice Instagram]