Joe Giudice Allegedly Got Heavily Drunk During Awkward Anniversary Dinner With Teresa

Teresa and Joe Giudice may have just been sentenced to some serious jail time for misdemeanours related to fraud charges, for which they were found guilty, but that didn’t stop the notorious couple from stepping out to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary, not that there’s much to celebrate right now.

According to an interesting report today, despite the wide smiles for the cameras, Joe and Teresa had an awfully awkward anniversary dinner, with Joe reportedly drinking heavily all night just to get through it.

An inside source told the publication, “Joe thought it was ridiculous to go out, and Teresa wouldn’t stop nagging him about it. He had completely forgotten about the anniversary, and could not have cared less about it,” alleged the insider.

The source added that there was no exchange of presents at the dinner, which seems to have been uneventful, apart from Joe’s heavy drinking. According to the insider, just a Teresa ply to make her and Joe look good to the media.

The source revealed, “There was no exchange of gifts between them, and once they arrived at the restaurant, Joe began drinking heavily. Teresa kept rolling her eyes and posting the photo on social media was of course her idea. She wants the world to think their marriage is rock solid.”

It’s no surprise since the Real Housewives of New Jersey couple were sentenced, things have been anything by happy and peaceful “back at the ranch.”

An insider told Radar that the Giudice’s have been arguing, “constantly since both were sentenced to prison. Teresa feels that Joe won’t step up to take care of their four daughters. Joe plans on having his mother help him take care of the kids. He doesn’t want anything to do with Teresa’s family, especially her brother, Joe Gorga.”

When January 5 comes around, Teresa Giudice will be looking at commencing her 15 month prison sentence, while Joe Giudice will be looking at even longer behind bars for his crimes.