‘Krypton’ TV Show Tipped, Like ‘Gotham’ But For Superman

TV viewers are getting a look at what Batman’s home town was like before Bruce Wayne became the Dark Knight in Fox’s Gotham. New rumors cropped up Monday suggesting that Superman will get the same treatment. Only it won’t be his hometown of Smallville. It will be his birth planet of Krypton.

Bleeding Cool got the scoop on a new TV show titled, appropriately enough, Krypton. This is the same entertainment site that originally brought the news of a SuperGirl TV show and an X-Men TV show. So, their reputation is fairly solid on the superhero TV scoop front.

Man of Steel writer/producer David Goyer is reportedly involved. Remember, that film showed an extended glimpse of Kryptonian life just before baby Kal-El was shot into space. It was a mish-mash of advanced technology and dragon-like beasts.

“The name suggests a pre-Superman drama set on the planet Krypton, maybe involving the House Of El, maybe Brainiac, maybe an end of the world cult, maybe lots of dragons flying around the place.”

There’s plenty of material to mine for a pre-Superman Krypton from the DC Comics archive. Aside from the various Superman comics themselves, there’s also the World of Krypton and For The Man Who Has Everything mini-series plus the 2007 novel, The Last Days of Krypton

Goyer is also currently involved as a producer with NBC’s Constantine, another DC Comic series. The recent premiere of the supernatural show scored highly mixed reviews, according to Metacritic, but still managed a solid 4.3 million viewers while going up against the World Series, per Variety.

Meanwhile, Gotham has also been the recipient of mixed reviews says Metacritic. However, it got off to a strong start with 8.21 million viewers for its premiere before dropping down to 6.09 million for the most recent episode (via Caped Crusaders). That’s still significantly stronger than Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which drew only 1.5 million with its last episode, per Zap2It.

The World of Krypton
DC Comics - The World of Krypton mini-series. Issue #1.

A Krypton TV show would also tie into the extraordinary hype surrounding the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League films. It’s a natural tie-in if handled right. Badass Digest’s Devin Faraci explained how he thinks it could work successfully or could be a total mess.

“Ideally you wouldn’t set the show five years before the destruction of the planet but rather set it at some random, old timey point in history, with the destruction fifty or a hundred years (or more) away. Make it a space opera adventure that uses the scifi trappings to tell a story that critiques and reflects our own world. It’s essentially a tragedy, but one where you can lay the seeds of hope that will grow into Superman.

“Of course with David Goyer attached many are hesitant. And I have a hard time believing it will be anything other than “T-Minus Ten Years To Explosion: The TV Show,” but we can hope, right? A scifi show set on an alien world so like our own but fundamentally different, with just the slightest connections to comic book mythology.”

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