Father Of 26 Reportedly Demands Larger Home From Local Government: Taking Advantage of The System Or Not?

Peter Rolfe is widely known as “Britain’s Most Feckless Father.”

He has fathered 26 children by 15 different women and hasn’t worked in over 20 years. According to Metro UK, he already receives more than an estimated $52,000 in government aid and benefits consisting of “child tax credits, family allowance, disability benefits, housing benefits and a state pension.” Now he’s looking to obtain an additional $1,600 credit to his already lengthy list of benefits.

The additional awarded amount follows the Local Government Ombudsman’s (LGO) ruling in reference to the Isle of Wight County Council (IWCC). According to Mirror UK, the IWCC failed to accommodate his housing request. Rolfe, who can only see out of one eye and suffers from arthritis and diabetes, lives in a three-bedroom home with six of his children and two grandchildren. Back in March, the 64-year-old man made headlines when he requested a six-bedroom home as a means of better living conditions for his children.

“The council is not doing enough to find us another house, even though the ombudsman said it was in the wrong,” he said to the Daily Mail. “We have been waiting years for a bigger house. I’ll be dead before they even think about giving me one.”

However, the IWCC stated that it didn’t own a property to meet Rolfe’s request. Although the LGO insists Rolfe has suffered a “serious injustice” for the meager accommodations he currently has, the IWCC denied the $1,600 benefit request. Mirror UK reports the IWCC has only opted to approve a $250 credit.

Of course, local council member Gordon Kendall and several media outlets have criticized Rolfe and his family for taking advantage of the system. When his living conditions were highlighted on the television series, Benefits Britain, many viewers were outraged. According to Mirror UK, none of Rolfe’s children, who range from age 3 to 40, were employed at the time Benefits Britain was filmed. However, he personally feels otherwise. He insists he’s doing it all for his children.

“Some people slag me off for claiming benefits but I am not on the dole. I am a pensioner,” he said. “They are discriminating against me and the kids. The council has a duty of care, to make sure we have a decent place to live. They are making out I’m a bum. Why does it matter that I’m on benefits?”

[Image via The Sun.UK]