'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Maya's Revelations Regarding Ridge And Caroline Make Waves

It's a big week ahead on The Bold and the Beautiful as there are accusations flying, guest stars stopping by, and challenges ahead. Some Big Brother 16 stars will be in the mix of the Halloween episodes this week, and there are plenty of The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers available regarding what lies ahead.

According to She Knows Soaps, Ridge will have a warning for Maya, while Eric hears an accusation from Rick. Did Eric choose the new Forrester Creations CEO based on an allegiance to Stephanie over Rick? Ivy has an opinion on all that is transpiring these days, but she feels as if she's not given the opportunity to contribute.

We Love Soaps reveals The Bold and Beautiful spoilers that Maya's revelations will generate quite a bit of chaos this week for everyone close to Caroline and Ridge. Eric may have given the plum CEO gig to Ridge, but now Ridge is finding himself having to defend his recent actions.

Caroline will plead for forgiveness from Rick, but will he consider giving her another chance? As the week continues, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Caroline will have a challenge for Ridge. She wants him to prove his intentions are true, but can he convince her?

Katie is stunned by Ridge's confession, and Caroline comes to grips with how much damage her choices have done to her marriage. Maya is still scheming despite the destruction left in her wake, however. She will take advantage of an opportunity to further her plans, and a new phase in her determined quest to break up Rick and Caroline once and for all begins late in the week.

Fans should watch for Rick to lash out at Ridge, while Eric reaches out to discuss Rick's future at Forrester Creations with him. On the romance front, Liam and Ivy's relationship will take a step forward and they embrace a Halloween celebration. This is where the Big Brother 16 contestants come into play.

Many of the contestants from this past season will show up for a Halloween party, and some fan favorites from previous seasons are in the mix as well. BB16 fans will see Donny Thompson, Zach Rance, Caleb Reynolds, Hayden Voss, and Nicole Franzel in the Halloween episodes. In addition, Jordan Lloyd, Jeff Schroeder, Elissa Slater, Rachel Reilly, and Brendon Villegas will be involved as well.

It looks like it will be a mix of fun, chaos, and confrontations this week on The Bold and the Beautiful, and fans cannot wait.

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