Southwest Passenger Hunts Down Stolen Laptop Using Craigslist

When Southwest airlines passenger Ambre Boroughs had her checked bag stolen from a Southwest airlines terminal she was told her laptop and the bags other contents were lost forever and the airline couldn’t do anything to help her. Not willing to accept that outcome Ambre searched Craigslist and found her bag and other belongings.

It turns out a group of three criminals were hanging around Southwest airline baggage claim areas and stealing various items, when Boroughs reported the sellers to the police they were arrested and found with various pieces of electronics which had been stolen from checked Southwest airline bags.

When all was said and done Ambre had her computer back although it had been wiped clean of it’s contents.

In the meantime Boroughs has called Southwest Airlines out on was appears to be a complete lack of security at their terminals which allowed for various thefts to occur as a group of men stood around their baggage claim terminals picking out bags at will.

In the meantime Ambre’s theft should send an important reminder to airline travels, don’t check your laptop or other valuables when you can keep them by your person when flying.

Have you run into any similar type of situation when flying on Southwest airlines or other carriers?

[Image via Carlos E. Santa Maria /]