PS4 Vs Xbox One: Price Drop Could Give Microsoft The Win For The Holidays?

The PS4 vs Xbox One console war has been cooling off in the last few months, but fans still doggedly fight over which console is better. It really comes down to which one you prefer, because neither has an extensive library of exclusive must-play titles.

Xbox One may have been gaining an advantage though, with killer IPs such as Sunset Overdrive and Titanfall bringing consumers further and further away from Sony’s side. Add the fact that the updates have significantly improved the Xbox One interface since it’s launch and gamers could be converting a little bit more.

Sony allegedly lost its lead in September, while Microsoft has been making steps toward improving its own image after the launch snafu. Dropping the Kinect led to an initial Xbox One price drop as we finally had the option to do without the peripheral. It was an amazing idea in concept, but sales have shown that the Xbox One Kinect was just dead weight like its predecessor, and the gamers are happier without it.

This led to a shift in the balance of the Xbox One vs PS4 debates, since the price was then equal between the consoles. The PlayStation 4 still regularly outperforms the Xbone, but the coming Xbox One price drop could make that fact irrelevant.

For the holidays, Microsoft is offering three separate bundles at only $350, $50 less than the PlayStation 4. For budget-minded gamers who haven’t upgraded from the last generation yet, this could be the deciding point, leading to the first definitive PS4 fail.

Starting Sunday, November 2, the Xbone is hitting the shelves with the reduced price tag and the option to get the console with Sunset Overdrive, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, or Assassin’s Creed: Unity. This temporary Xbox One price drop will continue until January 3, 2015. All major retailers are participating in the promotion, and Sony hasn’t announced any similar price drops.

Could this be the boost Microsoft needs to win the PS4 vs Xbox One console war during the Holiday 2014 season? Which console would you choose?

[Image via YouTube]