Florida Plasma Donor Accident: Woman Crashed Into Plasma Center On Purpose?

A Florida woman who wanted to be a plasma donor got into an accident on Saturday, but some are saying that “accident” was actually intentional. It all started at DCI Biologicals in Jacksonville, when a 35-year-old woman named Pamela Miller showed up with the hope of donating plasma. Sources say that Miller was told that she couldn’t donate and she got into a fight with employees. Minutes after leaving the building, Miller reportedly got into her car and drove it straight into the building, injuring eight people (not including herself), this according to Click Orlando.

Lt. Derrick Mitchell said that there is still an investigation surrounding the incident.

“We’re getting conflicting stories. Some folks are saying that she was upset because she wasn’t able to donate. After she was told she couldn’t donate, that’s when she crashed the car into the front of the business.”

The Florida plasma donor accident could see this woman in jail after she gets out of the hospital. She is facing a charge of aggravated battery, though more charges could be filed in the future. Sources say that Miller was with her boyfriend while in the waiting room of the donation center. Some recall her “taking pills” as she waited her turn. It is unknown where her boyfriend was when Miller decided to driver her car 40 feet into the building — there was no report of him being in the car with her.

According to JRN, people in the building were scared — and shocked.

“She didn’t spare any mercy for anybody. She sped and plowed through everyone that was standing there,” said one witness.

The condition of the Florida woman in the plasma donor accident is unknown.

It is not uncommon for cars to crash into buildings, however, most of these instances are reported as “accidents.” As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there is a clothing store in Vancouver that has had a car crash into it 10 times. “Unsynchronized timing” of a nearby traffic light is thought to be the cause. None of the accidents were believed to be intentional.

[Photo courtesy of NBC San Diego]