Flight 370: Authorities Accused Of ‘Covering Up’ Information About Missing Boeing 777

Flight 370 is still missing after the Boeing 777 disappeared from radar on March 8. Since months have passed by without a trace of the aircraft or the 239 passengers on board, some are now making serious accusations about those behind the search. According to the International Business Times, Malaysian and Australian authorities have been accused of “covering up” vital information. Pilot Desmond Ross blames a “breach of protocol” for the lengthy search.

“If proper protocols had been followed, we would not be looking for the aircraft today,” Ross said. “Many facts are missing, but many are available and should be released. We know that the initial period was filled with confusion and even misinformation from the airline itself which, at one stage, told ATC (Air traffic control) that it had contact with the aircraft in Cambodian airspace. Nobody can tell us that the recordings do not exist. [Malaysia and Australia] could be accused of covering up vital information which would help the families and independent investigators to work out what happened.”

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 might not be found for several more months. According to Yahoo! News, search crews are combing through remote areas of the southern Indian Ocean, but the area is so large that it is impossible to cover a lot of ground in say, a couple of days. The weather can be very bad in the area as well, which makes the search even more difficult. Of course, it’s possible for debris to pop up at any time, but experts have believed that it will take months or even years to find the wreckage (presuming the plane did crash into the ocean).

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, debris could find its way to shore and Indonesia is said to be on “high alert” in case this does happen. Of course, Indonesia is made up of nearly 18,000 islands, which makes things a bit more complicated; only 1,000 of those islands are populated.

The families of those on board flight 370 are suffering the most. While the airline has started giving out compensation, many of these people have been on an emotional roller coaster for months. They just want this plane to be located so that they may hold burial services for their loved ones and finally have some closure.

Do you think the Boeing 777 is in the Indian Ocean? How long do you think it will take for authorities to locate the fuselage?

[Photo courtesy of Reuters/Samsul Said via The International Business Times]