GameStop Begins Selling Android Based Gaming Tablets

GameStop is getting into the tablet gaming business in a big way announcing on Thursday three Android tablets that have been accessorized for gaming.

Gamers can now pick up the $499 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, $399 Asus Eee Pad Tranformer and the $329 7-inch Acer Iconia Tab A11. Each system regardless of choice comes bundled with the following games:

Dead Space, Monster Madness, Sonic CD, Cordy, Riptide GP, and Re-Load.

Gamers are also provided with the Kongregate Arcade Android app which provides an online portal with access to more than 500 free games including multi-player options and the ability to socially share the games you are currently playing while ranking each offering and leaving comments for other gamers.

Finally GameStop is offering wireless gaming controllers for each tablet device which can be purchased for $39 and offer Bluetooth connectivity with rechargeable batteries.

The gaming tablet setups can be picked up online starting Friday and at select Gamestop locations around the country.

Do you think GameStop customers are going to scoop up the systems or will traditional gamers stick to Xbox 360, PS3 and other TV based purchases?