Willie Robertson's Revenge On Katy Perry's LSU Slam: 'I Don't smell Like Corndogs!' [Video]

A few weeks ago Katy Perry made a guest appearance on ESPN College GameDay, stirring up all kinds of craziness. According to the Sun Herald, Perry arrived toting a large tray of Ole Miss mugs filled to the brim with hotty toddies.

The hosts were all smiles and thrills as she began oozing the sweetness with her bright smile.

"I'm so happy to finally be at a game, because I've been invited to a game for about 10 years. My manager is from Ole Miss and my mentor Glen Ballard is from Ole Miss."
But, it wasn't long before the sap stopped and the trash talk began aimed at LSU and Alabama. Perry's pick for the LSU-Auburn game was Auburn by a long shot. She had no use for LSU, as reported by USA Today.
"Did you say LSU or LS-phew?"
Much to Les Miles' dismay, Perry pulled out a tray of corndogs and continued to spew out the trash like nobody's business as she claimed that the Tiger Stadium smells like corndogs, and tossed a corndog at the camera.
"We heard about you LSU, heard you were hungry!"
She stopped only long enough to go gaga over Trevor Knight, before she became enraged as she watched Corso put on the Alabama mascot elephant head. She screeched before tossing the rest of her corndogs at the camera, as revealed by the Sun Herald.


Corso may have pushed the envelope when he grazed Perry with the Alabama elephant's trunk. Perry shouted, "Don't touch me with that!!" grabbed the elephant head and slammed it on the ground.

Turn about is fair play, however, according to Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson.

Both Willie and Jase Robertson had their opportunity on ESPN's College GameDay show Saturday in Baton Route, Louisiana, as revealed by he Bleacher Report. The Duck Dynasty stars had some fun of their own poking back at Katy Perry for her corndog remarks.

As Willie blurts out, "Let me tell you somethin', I don't smell like no corndog...I don't even like corndogs!"

Robertson went on to use Katy Perry's song "Roar," he changed up the lyrics in support of his team pick LSU. Ouch! That had to hurt! Using your own song against you. Good thing it's all in fun!

[Photo Credit: USAToday.com, 247sports.com]