‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Emma And The Snow Queen’s Connection Revealed And A Makeover For Elsa?

The Snow Queen left her mark in the latest Once Upon a Time episode, which focused on Emma and Regina working together to track down the Snow Queen, all while she lured Elsa (and the others) into a trap and made off with what she wanted: Regina’s mirror. However, the big reveal of the episode came at the end, with Emma finding a tape from her childhood with the Snow Queen on it, something that made Entertainment Weekly question if everything else with Lily was just a way to bring that up or if she’s someone who will come up again on the snow.

The latest Once Upon a Time episode confirmed what many have suspected since the Snow Queen stated that she and Emma have a connection: Emma lived in a foster home she once ran. It’s all thanks to Emma pulling out the video camera she and Lily once used and the sheriff’s station having the equipment to play it, which EW attributed to the town being “stuck in the technological dark ages.” However, just because that connection has been revealed doesn’t mean that the questions about it are over, as Jennifer Morrison told Entertainment Weekly.

“Emma is concerned…about the Snow Queen, and she’s starting to work out that maybe she’s more involved in the Snow Queen’s plot than she realized.”

As for the other Once Upon a Time character who has a forgotten connection to the Snow Queen and whom the Snow Queen wants for something, Elsa doesn’t make any progress in recovering her memories or finding her sister this week, but she is fitting into Storybrooke quite nicely and, still in that dress, chasing what she thinks is her sister through the woods.

Could there be a costume change in Elsa’s future? Based on what Georgina Haig has told ExtraTV.com, it doesn’t seem very likely.

“That’s the thing… is that her outfit is so iconic. I don’t know. The show has done it with the other characters. I just don’t know if we will have time for an Elsa makeover. That is part of the fun of the show… how these beloved, archetypal characters translate into the modern world, so I think that would be fun to see for Elsa. I’m not sure if it will happen.”

That doesn’t mean that Haig doesn’t want to get a change of clothes, and she even knows what she would want her makeover to look like and which Once Upon a Time character she would want to help her.

“I would like Emma to give Elsa a bit of a makeover, because I think Elsa would love a pair of jeans in Storybrooke, because her dress catches on a lot of trees and gets very muddy. Emma is so practical. We are out running errands and she is nearly tripping on this cape. Emma would get out a pair of scissors, she would have been, like, jeans, T-shirts, go. It would be so cool to have a makeover montage, here she practical-izes Elsa. …She would be very bohemian chic. Messy, braided hair, maybe Free People kind of clothes.”

Once Upon a Time season 4 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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